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Saturday, October 19:

England: Premier League
Match: Aston Villa v Brighton
Rating: 98%

England: Premier League
Match: Bournemouth v Norwich
Rating: 94%

England: Premier League
Match: Wolverhampton v Southampton
Rating: 88%

October results:  9 win / 1 draw / 3.5 lose

1 to 3 matches available every match day.

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Subscription Info:

MBS exists to provide our valued clients with an exceptional opportunity to profit betting on Soccer.  We do so by providing exceedingly accurate and reliable Asian Handicap Soccer betting picks.  MBS is a winning Soccer picks source with virtually no peer.  In an undertaking where the vast majority fail, MBS provides consistently profitable results.  You absolutely will profit when following our bet recommendations and advice.

The key between winning and losing is quality of information.  Soccer betting is not unlike equity investing in that those with the best information come out ahead.  Accurate information properly utilized provides a solid foundation for realizing Soccer betting profit.  When the information is subjected to the proper analysis, short and long term profits are produced on a consistent basis.  We put all of these factors together and provide our clients with the finished product, winning Soccer picks.

Profit like a professional with accurate and dependable Asian Handicap Soccer betting picks

MBS Soccer picks are based on three primary components; source information, objective analysis, and subjective analysis.  All three components are employed to consistently produce profitable results month after month and season after season.  It is necessary to utilize all three components to produce quality results.  One without the others would not give us the kind of consistency required and expected.

Information is power in the betting world and if properly utilized will yield winning results.  We have a number of quality sources for Soccer betting information located in various venues throughout the world.  In general, these sources have league specialties.  All available information is accumulated over the hours leading up to a particular match.  To achieve our high accuracy rate, full disclosure is a necessity.

Once the information is accumulated, it is time to use our objective analytical tools through computer analysis.  These tools are used to determine the strength of the information relative to past results and information from other sources.  The objective analysis is also used to narrow down the number of matches to be considered for a Soccer Tip leaving us with a small percentage which will be subjected to further analysis.

The next step involves the human or subjective element.  All of the facts and figures are put under scrutiny.  Subjective elements of those matches under consideration are taken into account at this stage.  When making final bet determinations, numbers and information can only take us so far.  Proper analysis of all the facts and figures requires experience that only a seasoned professional can provide.

After the three elements of pick determination are completed it is time to finalize bet recommendations.  When making final determinations, an accuracy rating is assigned to each Soccer pick.  Accuracy ratings range from 88% to 98% and are correlated with the confidence level we have in a particular tip.  Picks assigned our highest accuracy ratings strike with uncanny regularity.  Soccer picks with assigned accuracy ratings are then released to our clients at the pre-announced release time.

MBS Soccer picks are based on the most reliable information available which is subjected to sophisticated analysis

Historically, we have concentrated on the major European leagues.  Those include English Premier League, Spanish Primera Liga, Italian Series A, and German Bundesliga.  Starting with the 2008-2009 season, we are including a few picks from the secondary or less high profile leagues.  Examples of secondary leagues for our purposes are England's League Championship and Holland's Eredivisie.  We are looking to profit wherever an opportunity exists and Asian Handicap odds are widely available

High profit picks are also released for the World Cup and European Championships every two years during the month of June.  Soccer picks for friendly matches and smaller leagues are available in off years during the summer months and provide excellent profit opportunities.  Reliable picks are available every month of the year.  The precise number of picks to expect each month obviously varies with match availability.  Subscribers can expect anywhere from 20 to 40 Tips in a given month.

High quality, accurate, and reliable Soccer picks are available every month of the calendar year

Clients receive our Soccer picks in a timely manner on match day, generally a few hours prior to kick-off.  The exact time to expect a picks email is announced well in advance.  The picks email is sent in bulk so that all clients receive it at the same time.  When the email is received, you will be notified when to expect the next email.  For more detailed information about how a membership works, see how it works.

MBS is the most successful and professional tipping service you are likely to ever encounter.  We have the tools in place to provide our subscribers with consistently accurate and profitable Asian Handicap Soccer betting picks.  With rare exception, a profit is realized by subscribers when precisely following our bet recommendations.  Make this the day that you start achieving great Soccer betting success with an MBS subscription !


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