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MBS Soccer Tips are based on the best, most reliable information available, allowing for superbly accurate and consistent results over both the short and long term.  Within this setting of accuracy and reliability, varying degrees of confidence exist.  In other words, as might be expected, confidence varies somewhat.  Therefore, we assign accuracy ratings to all Soccer Tips released to distinguish differences in the probability of a winning strike.

The basis for accuracy ratings resides within the basic mechanisms for determining whether a Tip should be released at all.  The components utilized to evaluate a match for a potential Soccer Tip are precise.  This not only leads to accurate Tip in general, but allows us to assign an accuracy rating within strict tolerances.  In other words, once it is determined that a Soccer Tip should be released, the proper accuracy rating will be fixed for maximum betting efficiency.

MBS Soccer Tip are determined by utilizing three primary components; source information, unique formulas, professional analysis.  All three components are employed to consistently produce profitable results month after month and season after season.  It is critical to utilize all three components to produce quality results.  One component without the others would not give us the class of consistency that is expected and required.

With accuracy ratings, it is possible to employ precise staking to maximize profit producing efficiency

Once it is determined that a Soccer Tip should be released, all three component factors are considered to determine the accuracy rating.  Three accuracy ratings are used with MBS Soccer Tips (subscriptions).  These are 88%, 94%, and 98%.  The accuracy rating assigned to a bet recommendation signifies the confidence level of a successful strike.  Obviously, the higher the accuracy rating, the greater our expectation of success.

When an accuracy rating is assigned to a Soccer Tip, strict tolerances are adhered to with regard to variance.  In other words, when a Tip is assigned an 88% accuracy rating, that is precisely the accuracy rating that should be assigned.  When a Tip is assigned our highest accuracy rating of 98%, the strict tolerance involved in an accuracy rating determination insures that the Soccer Tip has an extremely high probability of winning.

 Subscription Tips are assigned accuracy ratings ranging from 88% to 98% relative to our confidence in a successful strike

An accuracy rating of 88% is the base confidence required to release a Soccer Tip.  In other words, this is the minimum level of confidence which must be achieved for a Tip to be released.  As might be expected, these Soccer Tips are the most common although certainly not average in their profit producing potential.  Tips assigned an 88% accuracy rating produce excellent results and a bet should always be placed on them without exception.

Tips assigned an accuracy rating of 94% are excellent profit producers.  For a Tip to be rated 94% accurate, a high level of confidence must be in evidence.  Picks rated 94% accurate are less common than 88% Picks, but slightly more common than 98% Picks.  Information obtained for a 94% accurate Pick must be very reliable and the chance for a strike quite high.  It is recommended that a larger bet be placed on a Tip assigned a 94% accuracy rating compared with an 88% Pick.

Picks rated 98% are the the most powerful available with an MBS subscription.  For a Tip to be assigned a 98% accuracy rating, the information obtained must be exceptional.  The formulas used in computer simulations and subsequent analysis must point irresistibly to a successful result when a 98% accuracy rating is assigned.  Larger bets may be placed on these Tips with confidence.  With rare exception, 98% tips produce winning results.

Soccer Tips assigned our highest accuracy rating of 98% are exceedingly accurate and reliable

MBS accuracy ratings should be used to precisely determine the stake to be invested for each Tip released.  The bankroll management section of this website provides more detailed information with regard to this subject.  In summary, three bankroll management strategies are detailed with stake sizes determined by assigned accuracy ratings.  Conservative punters should minimize risk by using option 1 while more risk averse punters should use option 2 or 3.  Please see the bankroll management section for more detail.

Accuracy ratings provide solid insight into the level of confidence we have in a released Soccer Tip.  Proper use of MBS accuracy ratings allows for more efficient use of MBS Soccer Tips and assist subscribers in obtaining the very most out of their subscription.  In other words, accuracy ratings allow subscribers to maximize profit, and ultimately that is what this endeavor is really all about.


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