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Quality information doesn't have any substitute.  For the experienced Soccer punter, this statement is an absolute. For the part-time or amateur punter, it should make sense from an intuitive standpoint.  MBS Soccer predictions, tips, and picks are the end product of high quality information combined with objective analytical tools and time tested subjective interpretations.  As a result, our subscribers enjoy a superior degree of reliability and profitability.

Powerful information = High accuracy = Maximum profitability

Benefits Summary:

~ Receive Soccer predictions, tips, and picks based on the most reliable, accurate, and profitable information available.

~ Short and long term subscriptions are available with all subscription Soccer predictions and picks included (88%-98%).

~ For punters demanding the highest accuracy to make large bets, we offer individual Premium Tips and Maximum Tips (100%).

~ Make informed bets on all Soccer predictions, tips, and picks released knowing you have a superior advantage.

~ Experience relatively smooth and substantial profit accumulation over both the short and long term, no losing streaks.

~ Manage your bankroll using assigned accuracy ratings (88% to 100%) for precise staking and efficient capital management.

~ Make high confidence bets on Soccer predictions, tips, and picks assigned our highest accuracy ratings.

~ Use recommended betting strategies to leverage a powerful advantage over the bookie and Soccer punting competitors.

~ Soccer predictions, tips, and picks exclusively involve the world Asian Handicap Soccer betting market.

~ Soccer predictions, tips, and picks focus on major European leagues, Champions League, Europa League, and Internationals.

~ Release time is by 22:00 GMT.  This is several hours prior to match start allowing you to place bets prior to odds changes.

~ Enjoy courteous and timely support from our knowledgeable, experienced, and highly competent staff.

Hundreds of satisfied clients throughout Asia and Europe

Explore the various informative articles available on this site.  You do not need to be a client to appreciate and gain some valuable insights from the advice contained in them.  The articles are written from the perspective of experienced Soccer punters.  As with any other occupation, experience is a key component to success.  A wealth of information is available to you on this website and requires no commitment other than to read the articles.

Providing consistently accurate, reliable, and profitable information

We prefer to keep the site as simple to use and easily explored as possible.  Too often in today's internet world, it is nearly impossible to find what you are looking for when wading through many internet sites.  We expect many visitors will appreciate the simplicity and relative ease of exploring MBS, much as it was in the early days of the internet.  It is a fact that winning does not need to be complicated or flashy ... it speaks for itself.


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